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Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Want to improve your game and become a well rounded player?!?  Then come on out to the Beach!  Not only will it make you a stronger athlete but it will also better your all around skills, from serving to passing, hitting and setting!  Some of the best players today train on both sand and indoor.   So come on out and become the well rounded player every coach wants to have on their team!  

Tryouts: Coming Spring 2020



How long is the season?

Usually a short 8 week season, starting early April thru June.


Practices are two days a week. 

Practices dates will very depending on what works best for the team, usually between the hours of 4:30pm and 7:30pm Monday-Friday.   Make up days will be available  on the weekends.  


Last season pricing: $330.  

How teams are picked: 

7th grade or younger - Teams of 4 with players that are of the same playing ability and will compete in 4 on 4 tournaments.   

8th grade or older  - Team of 2, you are matched with a compatible teammate and compete in doubles tournaments.  

How many spots are available?  

7th grade and younger - 16 spots

8th grade and older - 24 spots

How do I sign up for Tryouts? 

The tryout fee is $20.  


Call, text, or email Kacie @ (707)235-2091.